Why choose a uPVC conservatory?

//Why choose a uPVC conservatory?

Why choose a uPVC conservatory?

Conservatories are a popular investment in the UK and of course it’s a major decision you’ll have to make. As such, it’s extremely important to get your decision right to ensure a great look that will last well for years.

And with a conservatory there are three main options for you to consider: uPVC, aluminium and hardwood. However, for its cheaper installation costs and hardwearing properties, uPVC is by far the most popular choice.

uPVC conservatory benefits

In the British conservatory market, uPVC is the most popular material on offer. uPVC is the shortened version of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and is often seen written as PVCu and PVC-U. However, no matter how it appears on paper, it’s the same product.

uPVC is a highly used material in the construction industry and a favourite for contractors in windows, conservatories and doors manufacture. This shows just how highly rated the material actually is.

When uPVC is manufactured, stabilisers and additives are added to the compound. By doing this, the uPVC’s life can be lengthened and you will benefit from enhanced resistance to weather and impacts too. These stabilisers also work to protect your installation from the sun’s UV rays.

The strength can be adjusted depending on your needs as well, with the frames being thickened where necessary. If you need even stronger frames, galvanised steel or aluminium can be added.

With uPVC products it’s important to ensure the British Standard mark is present. BSEN 12608 shows that the product meets high standards.

One of the significant changes in the uPVC market nowadays too is that you no longer need to have a bright white finish. It’s now possible to have a range of colours including grey, brown and woodgrain finishes. These are by far the more popular colour, giving the effect of a wooden conservatory without the typically associated cost.

Of course, white is still a popular option but for those looking to set their home apart from the crowd and benefit from something a little different, the choice is there.

If you’re considering an alternative colour, speak to your contractor and discuss the options available whilst getting advice on what would work well with your property.

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