Are cheap conservatories a wise investment?

//Are cheap conservatories a wise investment?

Are cheap conservatories a wise investment?

There are plenty of homeowners in this country who want to improve their home with a conservatory, but don’t believe they’d be able to afford such an investment. When in actual fact, there are cheap conservatory options available for you to benefit from the extra space they’d provide you.

Of course, with a conservatory you won’t need to move home for extra space and this could save you thousands of pounds in fees and payments.

So what can you expect from a cheap conservatory? Realistically your conservatory will be lean-to and constructed from uPVC. It won’t be a flimsy build either and uPVC is one of the preferred materials in the industry because of its excellent durability and strength.

One tip we’ll give to anyone looking for a cheap conservatory is to be aware of companies looking to upsell. Salesmen will try to add on extra expenses but at the end of the day, this is what you wanted to avoid all along.

Cheap conservatories price comparison

A conservatory can be very cheap for those looking to stick to a tight budget. The following prices have been collected from a conservatory company on the above mentioned specifications.

There are some extras you could consider which will add to the cheap conservatory cost such as:

  • Two manual ventilation inserts = Around £56
  • One manual roof ventilation insert = Around £91
  • Low-e double glazing = Between £209 and £279

Please be aware that these aren’t fixed prices and are intended as a guideline only. To get the best price in your area it’s important to compare quotes from up to four companies.

Don’t forget the interior of your conservatory either. Once the cheap conservatory has been built, you’ll need to kit it out. Of course, this will bring up the final cost of your investment, but once again there are cheaper ways to do this.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to spend a substantial amount on a new conservatory. Instead, the extra space can be acquired for less than you first thought, making it a solid investment for your home.

What’s essential is having a budget and sticking to it though. Don’t be led into spending more than you’re willing to and instead have a clear mind-set on exactly what you want. You’ll then be able to start making the most from the extra space in your home instantly.

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