How much does a biomass boiler cost?

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Biomass boilers are a great renewable technology that can save you a fortune in heating bills. Although they may not be the cheapest of investments, with domestic systems costing around £10,000 and larger commercial boilers starting at around £20,000, they’re certainly worthwhile. If you’re interested in a biomass boiler then you’ll first of all want [...]

How to choose a boiler installer

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Replacing your boiler is always a wise move, whether it’s due to you being fed up with it constantly breaking down, or simply wanting to become energy efficient. With the right boiler you can save over £300 a year, whilst ensuring your home is eco-friendly. Don’t rush any decision though. Replacing your boiler is important, [...]

Are you eligible for boiler grants?

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A replacement boiler is a superb investment for any home as it’ll instantly reduce your energy bills and ensure you won’t need to worry about a breakdown anytime soon. Boiler technology has advanced so much in recent years and there’s fantastic innovative technology to take advantage of. Unfortunately our winters seem to be getting colder [...]