Household efficiency tips to help you save

//Household efficiency tips to help you save

Household efficiency tips to help you save

Saving money and helping the environment comes hand-in-hand, especially when you consider certain measures you can implement around the home. The chances are you’re spending a lot more money on your bills every year and with our simple tips you can slash your spending.

What’s even more impressive is that saving money doesn’t require a lot of effort on your behalf. All it takes is changing your habits when it comes to using certain appliances. For instance, with your washing machine you can save 20% of energy usage by washing at 30 degrees instead of 60.

Keeping on the subject of your laundry, whilst tumble dryers might be handy if you’re in a rush, they don’t help your finances. Instead of chucking everything in the dryer, why not hang them to dry outside or even inside on a clotheshorse?

Also think about your lighting and replace incandescent bulbs with energy saving alternatives. Not only do they use less power, but they’ll also last a lot longer too. Try to switch off your lights when not in the room as well and consider switching them off at night.

There are some habits you can pick up in the kitchen too in order to save money. For starters, it’s time to stop filling up the kettle when you only want a cup of tea. Just boil the amount of water you need.

When you’re using the hobs, start using saucepan lids as well. It’ll save you waiting around for ages as water boils and will also aid in helping your food cook quicker. Try to use a suitably sized ring for the saucepan too as this will prevent a waste of electricity or gas.

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