Don’t pay too much for your double glazing

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Don’t pay too much for your double glazing

When it comes to home insulation, double glazed windows are one of the most popular measures in the UK. However, despite them having a prominent position in the market, Which? discovered that 40% of customers find good double glazing advice hard to come across.

The popularity of double glazing can be attributed to a number of reasons, primarily its excellent energy efficiency. This means you can reduce your heating bills whilst keeping your home warmer throughout the year.

It seems though that many homeowners in the UK are distancing themselves from the double glazing industry because they have no idea how much it would cost them to replace windows. But to help you out, Which? took 15 double glazing companies and the average price they charged for their products.

Obviously you shouldn’t take the prices as final because each property is different and it’s intended more of a rough idea.

See the tables below to get the expected cost of a range of window jobs in the UK. The information has been sourced entirely from Which?

Casement Window PricingSash Window PricingDoor Glass Pricing

What is included in the double glazing quote?

15 double glazing companies were asked to provide their prices for different jobs and the cost tables above are the average prices quoted.

But what do you get with this price? Well, the quote itself is final, after all reductions and offers have been taken away. The installation itself will be white uPVC frames with B-rated efficiency glass. The company will also remove the old installation and VAT is included.

How about extras?

There are some extras you can pay slightly more for, because not everyone is the same and uPVC isn’t universally favoured.

If you don’t want standard uPVC frames or would prefer more efficient glass panes, then look at the upgrading options below:

  • Wood effect coloured uPVC frames: On average 15-20% more than normal uPVC
  • Aluminium window frames: On average between 30% and 50% more expensive
  • A-rated glass: Estimated as 10% more expensive than B-rated panes
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