Is it Worth Investing in a New Combi Boiler?

//Is it Worth Investing in a New Combi Boiler?

Is it Worth Investing in a New Combi Boiler?

Combi boilers are really efficient and can help to reduce energy bills so are very popular in Britain. They’re very small compared to other boilers so can easily fit into cupboards or hook onto walls. They also don’t need a cold water tank like other boilers do.

The combi boiler can heat water on demand, and because of this it’s now Britain’s favourite heating system. It’s also very good at heating homes.

Why should I invest in a new combi boiler?

Convenience is a big reason why people buy combi boilers. Because they supply hot water on demand you don’t have to wait for hours for water to heat up if you want to run a bath or do lots of washing up. Combi boilers provide homeowners with a consistent water temperature and understandable controls.

Another reason why people buy combi boilers is because they’re compact. Older boilers often take up lots of space, partly because they have a water tank. Combi boilers don’t have water tanks and only take up a small amount of space.

People also invest in combi boilers because they’re energy efficient. An efficient boiler is a good investment because it will reduce fuel wastage and save you money on your bills – in some cases more than £300 a year.

Top combi boiler benefits

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  • Slash the amount you spend on your energy by around £300 a year
  • Heat your home efficiently and set the temperature easily
  • Do your bit for the environment by burning less fuel and cutting your carbon emissions
  • Enhance your property’s Energy Performance Certificate and improve its value
  • Combi boiler downsides

    The only big downside to combi boilers is that they can only produce a certain amount of hot water at a time. This is fine if you have a small home where you’re not likely to want hot water from more than one outlet at a time. But in bigger households, someone might want to have a shower at the same time as someone else wants to do the washing up. Combi boilers struggle to generate large amounts of hot water at the same time and this can often lead to a drop in water pressure.


    Top Facts and Figures to Share

    • Heating makes up more than 50% of your annual household bill, so getting a new and efficient boiler could save you a lot of money
    • The Energy Saving Trust claim that installing a new boiler could save you more than £300 a year
    • Energy prices are set to double by 2020, so getting a new boiler now could help to protect your bank balance in the future
    • Forking out for regular boiler servicing could save you hundreds on repair work
    • A new boiler can help you cut your carbon emissions by over 1,000kg
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