Create a green home with renewable energy

Have you ever thought about the possibilities of not paying for grid power? As energy prices continue to rise year-in year-out, many homeowners have turned to renewables in an effort to save money. There are quite a few options for you to consider as well, including solar panels, biomass boilers, heat pumps and wind turbines.

Over the last few years it’s clear to see that solar power has easily become the nation’s favourite renewable energy. Not only is it fairly easy to install, but you can benefit from huge financial savings. Along with saving money on those expensive energy bills, you can also earn a fortune with the Government’s feed-in tariff payments. Combined, you stand to earn over £600 annually, which is a fantastic return on investment.

With solar panels it’s best to have a south or south west facing roof as this will give you plenty of daylight to convert into heat or electricity for your home.

Another very popular alternative to solar panels are heat pumps. Heat pumps take natural heat from the air or ground and increase the temperature so it’s suitable for your home. These clever systems can even extract heat during the winter, down to temperatures of -16 degrees Celsius.

Biomass boilers are also a possibility. You could invest in a stove for a single room in your home or even have it connected to your full central heating system. Either way, the system will burn biomass fuel such as logs, wood chips and pellets to heat your home.

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