About to Get a New Boiler? Ask These 8 Questions Before You Do

//About to Get a New Boiler? Ask These 8 Questions Before You Do

About to Get a New Boiler? Ask These 8 Questions Before You Do

Currently, energy efficiency is a major priority. Making sure you have an efficient and reliable boiler will help you to cut costs and decrease the amount of co2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Many property owners think that the solution to enhancing energy efficiency is getting a new boiler. This can sometimes help but is not always the ideal thing to do.

To ensure you do the best thing for your home, ask yourself these 8 questions before committing to replacing your boiler.

1 . How efficient is your boiler?

You can learn how efficient your boiler is using this database. Many homeowners get a new boiler because they believe that it will be more effective than their own current one. But compare the efficiency of your current boiler with a new one before you commit to installing it. You may find that your boiler is much more efficient than you realised and isn’t really worth replacing.

2 . How old is your boiler?

If your boiler is around 15 years old or more then you could save money by replacing it. But determine how efficient it is before you change it – some older boilers work really well and aren’t really worth replacing.

3. Can you depend on your boiler?

You need a boiler you can depend on, particularly in winter. If you cannot depend on your boiler then it might be a good idea to replace it. But if it is working properly, think carefully about whether you really need a new one.

4. Is your boiler well-maintained?

If you can’t depend on your boiler, have you been maintaining it properly? If you’ve been servicing it regularly and it still is not working correctly then you might require a new one. But if you have been taking care of your boiler and it is efficient then it’s likely to be worth keeping.

5. Are you spending lots on boiler repairs?

If your boiler keeps breaking down and needs fixing frequently, work out how much you’ve been spending on this and compare it to the price of a new boiler. You might find that you’ll save money in the long term by installing a new boiler instead of repeatedly fixing your existing one.

6. Do you have old heating controls?

If you have older heating controls that are hard to use then think about changing these before getting a new boiler. Up-to-date controls make it easier to manage your heating system and frequently make it more effective.

7. Has your household size changed since you got your current boiler?

The most efficient boilers are the ones that suit the size of the household they’re in. Has your household got bigger or smaller since you got your current boiler? If this is the case then it might be a smart idea to look into whether a different sort of boiler would be more suitable for your home.

8. Can you get financial help with installing a new boiler?

You might be eligible for financial assistance with buying a new boiler if you have low earnings or are on certain benefits. This is through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which is a government scheme created to help reduce co2 emissions and tackle fuel poverty. Financial help could make a huge difference to you if you need a new boiler but do not have the money for it. To learn more about the scheme and whether you are eligible, go to the Ofgem website.

Should you decide to get a new boiler, try to get quotes from lots of different boiler engineers. This will help you to get a good price.

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